Sunday, February 14, 2010

Of bunnies and elephants

I see that I owe the blog adorable pictures of a knitted bunny and elephant.

And together

And a proud owner

Although tonight she threw Sophie (the bunny) into the corner rather than sleeping with her. However, Ellie (the elephant) is a permanent fixture in her sister's bed.

I made them scarfs from the leftover yarn, CO 100, knit 4 garters, BO. It was a quick knit, but sort of a waste of time since they tore the scarfs right off them and used them as anything but scarfs (such as a robe, pulling a basket with the dolls around the house).

Over all I'm really happy with Sophie and Ellie. The pattern was well written, the yarn was soft and I've wanted to knit toys for a long time.


Kristjana said...

Þessi dýr eru ótrúlega falleg. Mér finnst alltaf gaman að svona sætum dýrum.

gail said...

Adorable animals--but not quite as adorable as the owner!!