Saturday, September 26, 2009

My knitting is on display

That picture above is an announcement for a knitting show at the library where my knitting group meets. We got two cabinets to display our knitting in:

I sent in three of my knits. The sweater (cardigan) I knit for Clint (husband):

and couple of shawls (center)

Here are some of the other knitters knitted projects:

I love the duckie in the tub hat by Andi Stern. She is a very talented artist that hangs out with us mere mortals ;) ha ha. Here you can see some of her work

It's too much for me to document each and every project but in the pictures you can see some ossom (intentional spelling) knitting by the very talented knitters that meet at the Athens County Public Library (Ohio) every Wednesday evening.

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mjog ahugavert, takk