Friday, August 21, 2009


Look at that ugly mess in the middle of my knitting. I couldn't be more proud of it ;)

I just darned my first sock. Usually when my socks get holes in them I just put them away and don't use them anymore. These are my Hedera socks I made from corn yarn.

I really hadn't worn them that much when I got them caught on a nail in a doorway and it made a hole in the bottom :(

I'm also excited to be doing a little be of 'Make do and mend' courtesy of Brenda Dayne. She had a series of podcasts devoted to mending and finding clever ways of using things around the house and to make-do with what you have. It was very inspiring. I want to do more of that. In the past I've bought sweaters at thrift stores (nytjamarkaðir) and even partly unraveled them and tried to knit with the resulting yarn, but I want to do more of that. So watch this spot. Don't wait around. It might take me a while to get to it ;)

And not to forget. If you are thinking about darning your first sock, or freshening up on the technique; this is what I used:


Andrea Stern said...

thanks for the video link, may need to use it to fix Steph's Sheldon. :)

Raveller said...

Good video! I've done this on sweaters, but never on socks, not yet anyway. I have this idea that if I get hole in the toe of one of my socks, I will undo it and reknit the toe. I'd probably be more likely to do what you did and just put them away!

Harpa J said...

Gott hjá þér!

Sonja said...

Thank you. It was really worth it and it didn't take long. Nor was it complicated.

Go darning!