Sunday, August 24, 2008

Weekend projects

I often have weekend projects. Something I am obsessed with, but only over a weekend.

Couple of weekends ago I decided I wanted to make a hat. I had been reading Knitting Workshop by Elizabet Zimmermann, and in it she has a hat in the beginning to teach the basics of knitting. I thought I'd pick up a point or two, which I did, although I don't remember at the moment. It called for thick yarn and I grabbed bulky weight yarn on 6mm needles. Actually it was supposed to be worsted on 4.5 (or thereabouts). So the hat was too big.

EZ hat before EZ hat after felting

I did the rational thing and threw it in the wash. The color bled of course, it's red, red almost always bleeds. Plus it's a Knitpicks yarn (wool of the andes bulky) and they have a reputation for bleeding. I can't believe how well it felted though (Knitpick yarns also have a reputation for felting well, even if they are superwash!).

It fits quite good now. A little short, but not too much.

This weekend, however, I was obessed with Hyperbolic planes. Normal Euclidean plan is flat but a hyperbolic plane curves.

Amoeba washcloth

The first one I made was too big. I used too big of a hook (5.5 mm instead of 4.5), but it is perfect as a washcloth.

Sea creature

The second one looks great. I was hoping it would turn out to be more of a bath puff, but it is rather a decoration (hang it up in the kid's room?) or a playtoy. They like playing with it K. put it on a stick like she had caught it in the sea ;)

Amoeba hat Amoeba hat on a barbie

K. also requested one out of variegated yarn white/purple/pink. It ended up as a barbie hat ;)

This was fun. Now I have some laundry to take care of :o


Harpa J said...

Flott húfa!

Hvað ætti maður að kalla þessar skemmtilegu krúsidúllur sem þú varst að hekla á íslensku?

Sonja said...

Hýperbólískar sléttur eða eitthvað þvíumlíkt ;)

Rebecca said...

Where did you find the hyperbolic plane pattern? It is so neat!

Sonja said...

Well, here is a very mathematical one.

(it is just below Figure 2)

or this one for more simplicity