Friday, June 06, 2008

Hedera by Cookie A and crochet mania continues

I'm knitting Hedera. The pattern is well written and the first socks fits perfectly. Here is a picture of it unblocked.

hedera unblocked

Like all lace it blossoms when blocked (in this case worn)

Hedera worn

I'm just knitting it when I'm away, at S'n'B or waiting rooms and such, so the progress is slow. BTW the color on the lower photo is more correct.

The blanket in the forground is a blanket I'm crocheting out of crappy yarn. What can I say. It came in a huge skein and beautiful colors and I needed a mindless project. I believe I talked about it few days ago.

I'm taking next week off. I don't know if that will mean good quality craft time, but I hope so. We are all (me, hubby and kids) going to Washington D.C. Unfortunately, the 6 hour car ride will not result in much knitting, since I'm going to be driving.

I hope to have the bag I was crocheting ready soon (provided I do the dreaded sewing ;) ). I can't wait to have it done, so I am very motivated, but not motivated enough to not work on other projects. My bathmat is coming along very well. I love the pattern. It's a crochet V-pattern.

Anyways, tomorrow is the first Saturday of the month, which means the library knitting club will be meeting. This month we are going to have a yarn swap. I have some yarn I can part with (I think) ha ha.

Adieu mes chers amis, a bientot.

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Rebecca said...

The first sock is lovely, those will be a great pair of socks.