Monday, April 14, 2008

EZ´s April blanket

One skein of this:

LPB 249 Prairie Goldenrod

With a dab of this:

LPB 155 Lemon Drop

Produces 2 of these:

EZ square

Oh man, I'm hooked. I love the yarn and I love the pattern. The yarn is Lamb's pride Bulky in colorways: Prairie Goldenrod (the variegated) and Lemon Drop (the solid). The variegated knits up beautifully and the colors are lovely. Too bad I don't have more of the variegated. Originally I planned to have the blanket in two tones but once I got started I changed my mind. I have couple of green skeins I hope to exchange for the yellow and that will give me 4 more squares. I'm planning on making 24 a little at a time.

The pattern is from Elizabeth Zimmermann's Knitter's Almanac and is the April project (the book has a project for every month). It's construction is interesting a la EZ. The squares are not sewn together, but crafted. That's why the stitches are kept live.


Rebecca said...

I love that yarn too, and those are some great colours! I think I need to get myself a copy of that Knitters Almanac, sounds fun.

marit said...

Thetta verdur bædi fallegt og skemmtilegt! I've got Knitter's almanac too, and the blanket is really nice:-)

Sonja said...

I can't wait to get more of this color of the yarn. I can't get to my LYS for a while. Too busy at work at the moment and in the mean time these photos are haunting me.

Amalia said...

You write very well.