Saturday, December 15, 2007

Finishing up couple of things

I put some photos on flickr.

Progress photos on a felted bag I´m working on. Pattern from

Bag to be felted closed Bag to be felted open

I´ve saved up leftover yarn from slippers I´ve made from Fritidsgarn from Sandnes. Like these I made for Clint (again):

Slippers before felting

I made this ´Tribble´ from a leftover yarn as well. This time from a 4 corners dishcloth. The pattern of which can be found on the same website as for the Tribbles.


Lastly and finally I present The Woodland Shawl.

Woodland shawl pattern Woodland shawl blocking

It is finally off the needles and is blocking as we speak. It´s quite small. I´m thinking about making it into a shrug.

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Rebecca said...

I tried posting a comment before Christmas and then blogger ate it. The shawl is beautiful and the bag looks great so far, can´t wait to see it done!