Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Logging on

I'm finishing the 5th round of the log cabin. I love to knit this. Now I know why people become so obsessed with log-cabin knitting. It's instant gratifications since you finish each patch relatively quickly (although it takes longer each round) and then you get to choose a new color so it is creative all the way (not just in the beginning).

I'm comming up against one problem. I'm running out of space on my needles. I figure I have perhaps one round left until I have to get longer needles. I'm using 32" circular (80cm) and I have to find longer ones. I saw 40" (100 cm) needles online. Maybe they will do. I don't know how big the blanket is going to end up. I think they have bigger ones. I'll have to find out.


Janet said...

I think there are 46 inch needles too, as well as the interchangable needles with the cables that can connect to make them ever longer.

Sonja said...

Thanks for the info - now I know what I can look for.

Sonja said...

I started looking around and found 60" needles. That's 150 cm - yeah baby.

Rebecca said...

Those interchangeable ones are nice too, I have the Denise (plastic) ones and KnitPicks makes some metal ones that sound nice. The only thing with the Denise ones is they don't come in accurate metric sizes for all sizes. But it is handy to have needles for pretty much any non-sock project.

(PS pictures soon I hope! ;))