Sunday, September 03, 2006

Aren't you glad to see me again?

Finally I make time to blog. I uploaded pictures onto my account ages ago but I haven't got around to post them before. In my defence, my brothers are visiting and we are going all over the place and hanging out in the evenings so my knitting time has been limited. I can inform you, however, that I started a new project. It should be a fast knit and these slippers look luxurious to me. I couldn't get the yarn it calls for ( had it but only in 2 color that didn't compliment each other) so I got another yarn from It's supposed to be made with 100% silk, which I think would be heavenly on your feet. This yarn I got is part silk, part alpaca and part merino and it's buttery soft. But maybe pure silk would be sturdier. I want to make them in the right yarn as well. I think the pattern concept is brilliant (with the i-cords determining fit) and we'll see how well I like the pattern afterwards. I'm pretty sure this is my first Knitty project! It's about time, eh! I started it on the recommended needles (4.5 mm) and it looked kind of small and I realized that the gauge was way off. So I tried 5 mm and it was still too small so now I'm using 5.5 mm and they are giving me 17 sts to 10 cm instead of 16 but I'm going to stick with them (plus I have kind of small feet). I swatch as I go along. You start with the sole from toe to heel and I started and then used the beginning of the actual knitting as my swatch.

So, where are those photos I took way back - I hope I have them all :) They can be found in my album as well.

The first is of the 7th washcloth (I don't think I haven't started nr. 8). The second is of a bib I made some time ago. I found this daisy patch that was perfect for the bib and matches the button. Then there is a collective picture of three more MD bibs.


Sigurlaug said...

I love the sandals-pattern! Cool. I'm always on my way buying the Hjerte yarn you recommended for the MD bibs. Have you also tried the Rowan Denim cotton yarn? I'm wondering whether it stains as much as the denim-coloured Hjerte yarn...

Rebecca said...

Very nice pictures and those sandals do look nice, can't wait to see.

Sigurlaug, I haven't used the Rowan denim yarn but I used yet another denim yarn. I have heard that those denim yarns stain in general. The one I used wasn't bad (Elann) but I used lighter colours. I think the darkest one does stain.