Thursday, August 03, 2006


I am in no doubt that blogging has enriched my knitting, both by giving me access to what other knitters are doing and being inspired by them and also by inspiring me to actually finish knitted items so I can post it on my blog and not fall too far behind on my posts.

However, while I'm blogging I'm not knitting! That's a problem. I usually only knit in the evenings and that's also usually when I blog as well. Sometimes it takes me days to actually get around to blogging because I'm too skimpy on my knitting time. Sorry guys.

I made a subalbum in my 2006 knitting album for things knitted from Mason-Dixon knitting. In that album you will find e.g. this:

I like the multicolored dishrag but I will not make any more. You can see the reason why in the photo to the left. In the photo to the right you see the dishrag that inpired the multicolored one. Only problem was that the yellow color didn't match the yellow from the varigated yarn and of course the seemingly endless amount of ends to be crafted.

There are some other dishrags:

And some close-ups of the dishrags:

Can you tell yet that I'm fascinated by them? They are very fun to knit. Easy but entertaining. The last detail is my last attempt at trying to catch how loud those two colors acutally are in real life. That rag was inspired by the two colors that dominated every florist window in Iceland during my stay there in June.

I've also made some bibs but haven't finished the details yet. They got their picture taken despite their uncompletness (funny word I just made up).

The last one is the petal bib from 'One Skein' like I mentioned in my last post. It is made from 50% cotton and 50% polyester and is super-soft. I think it will be most useful as drooling bib (slefsmekkur) and not food bib.


Rebecca said...

I know what you mean about having limited free time. I don't seem to be doing much knitting or blogging lately. I usually do my blog reading when I comb my hair in the morning but it's hard to post and do that at the same time. ;)

At least you had something fun to show us all, those are some really pretty cloths! Are you going to use them or give them out as gifts?

Sigurlaug said...

I really like the bibs. I have also bought the Mason Dixon book and really want to make some of those bibs, trying the Hjertegarn you told us you bought at √Ālafoss. But for the time being, I'm trying to finish some old stuff first! And I have loads of unfinished things!!!