Tuesday, July 04, 2006

More more more

Right after posting that last post I went out on errants. Somehow I ended up in Europris (I wonder how), which is a Norwegian store and they have yarn. I was hoping to get a few skeins of worsted weight yarn for my blanket I'm planning but what greated me was a HUGE selection of yarn in every weight possible (and when yarn and Norwegian are in context the yarn is wool of course) and even some cotton. No skein was over 200 kr. ($2.60) so naturally I walked out with a grocery bag full of yarn. (a quick note: the grocery bags in Iceland are far bigger and stronger than their fragile counterparts in the US).

The irony of bringing all those grocery bags full of wool to sunny California in July is not lost on me.

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Rebecca said...

I'm sure you'll find a use for that wool. :)

Sorry to have missed you, my plane ended up being delayed by 2 hours (ugh) and then when I got in I had to do a family breakfast thing with my future in-laws, so by the time we were free I figured you would be too close to getting ready to go (if not already going).