Saturday, June 10, 2006

Back home

We are safe and sound back in Iceland inspite of flying on 06.06.06! Back to the land of the ice and snow, from the midnight sun where the hot springs flow. I'm not kidding about the midnight sun. It is really confusing for a certain little 1 year old (my little baby is one!), who thinks, when she wakes up late at night, that it's a new day. Well it isn't.

My friend Kristín was visiting me and came back with us. On our trip to Berkeley I made her go into Article Pract (since we were driving past it on our way to Berkeley). What a great store! It was beautiful, well arranged and had it all! Just name it, it was there (or so it seemed). It was so great that even Kristín, a non-knitter, bought yarn. That's amazing. The yarn she bought was habu, in silk and stainless steel! It was just too cool to pass up. I bought a skein of baby alpaca. I was really overwhelmed and since I didn't have a project in mind it is amazing I bought anything at all (I'm a one project at a time kind of girl).

There are two things I need to get when I'm here. Lace weight Icelandic yarn (eingirni) colored with herbs and Lopi light (léttlopi) for a zipped up sweater. These zipped up, tight-fit sweaters were very popular last year but then I had no interest in them. When we came to California it was freezing (literally) and suddenly I desired nothing more than that new lopapeysa (Lopi sweater).


Rebecca said...

I bookmarked that link so I can check that shop out next year or something when I need more lace yarn. :) It sounds really nice.

I made that lopapeysa from the free pattern and it came out REALLY small so if you knit that one you might go up one size. (I'm yet to sew in the zipper so we will see how tight it ends up.)

If it's not too crazy and you decide you'd like to meet up for coffee or something on your last day (the day I come), let me know.

Sigga Sif said...

Hæ Sonja! Takk fyrir síðast, það var rosa gaman að hitta þig jafnvel þótt að garnbúðirnar hafi verið lokaðar! Next time.

Hey, when are you coming Rebecca? Maybe we can all three meet for coffee in Reykjavík - wouldn't that be great?! I'll be there from 16. - 23. of june.

Sonja said...

When does your plane land Rebecca? I'm in the phone book (

You can call me too Sigga Sif, maybe we can meet at a cafe?

Rebecca said...

Sigga, I will miss you, I am coming the following week. Sonja, it lands in the morning on the 1st, I think it's like 7 or something but I have to check. So maybe I´ll try giving you a call later in the morning that day to see how it goes.