Wednesday, July 26, 2006


I hit a knitter's jackpot at Barnes and Noble this weekend. I went there because my SIL has an airconditioned car and the store is airconditioned too, which is very important in 44°C heat (111F).

I took a look at the discount section and lo and behold it was loaded with knitting books, 75% off. I got a stitch directory with about 250 patterns, I got 24 hour knitting projects book, I got Vogue American designer's special (with Elizabeth Zimmerman as one of them) and I got Simple Knits for Little Cherubs. All for about $5 each. The last one was specially nice too see because I'd already seen a pattern in it I wanted to do for my girls, probably Kamilla. It's called Pinafore dress if I remember correctly, and is made of denim yarn.

I also got a Björk book for a buck!

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Rebecca said...

That is very cool!! I haven't seen anything like that at my Barnes and Noble. Maybe I'll have to go double check.