Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Finally a HD!

HD stands for Happy Dance, which means in cross stitch terms that you've finished a piece. I was getting a little annoyed that I haven't finished anything since Christmas. So what did I do? Do a long awaited freebie (free pattern) from Elizabeth's designs. It is called Full Moon and I made it in only one evening (Sunday). I really like how it turned out. I used 28 ct. Lugana in Summer Khaki, which I got from Silkweaver in a Stash-Pack. I substituted two varigated thread by plain DMC. Not only didn't I have it but even if I had had time to go to a LNS (Local Needleworks Store - Saumabúð), they don't carry these fancy fibres here anyways.

But no photo this time. My camera run out of battery and I put it away. When I got some more I couldn't figure out what I did with the camera :o

I did end up shop at The Silver Needle last Saturday. I bought one sampler kit from Just Nan (Baby Garden), few charts (Friendship Quilts, Skeleton Crew and Planted Hearts), 25 ct. fabric (to practice over one stitching), 4 skeins Week Dyes Work (used in Meow and Woof from Lizzie Kate) and finally JCS Ornament issue 2003.

The Skeleton Crew I fell in love with on my BAPXS yahoo group. Couple of people are doing it and I thought it would be fun to make it with a glow-in-the-dark thread, so I had to get it :) I also think it will be fun to find a good hand-dyed fabric for it.


Ágústa said...

Mér líst rosaleg vel á Full Moone stykkið og líka á hin öll, senniega til að kæfa öfundsýkina í mér þá fékk ég pakkann minn frá þeim í dag.

Sonja said...

Til hamingju með pakkann. Ég fæ minn ekki fyrren ég fer til USA.