Tuesday, October 11, 2005

New fabric

Yesterday I got my Silkweaver order. It got sent straight to my house - no toll or tax :) In Iceland it very exciting to order online. Some packages go through customs and you have to pay tax and toll, but others are sent straight to your house. Back to my order. I got fabric for Lizze Kate patterns I have. I really love these fabrics, they have so yummie names - cafe mocha, light mocha. I love good coffee. I made a mistake though, one fabric was supposed to be 28 ct. but I ordered 32 ct. Hmm... This will make the picture 3x3 inch instead of 3.5x3.5 inch. I don't know if that should make any difference. Perhaps it will not fit as well into a standard 4x4 inch frame (if that's a standard size at all).

I also bought a stash pack - which is a collection of 5 predetermined fabric pieces. In my case Lugana, I got black, white, sparkles (white with gold thread) and light brown. I think I should have done what Rósa did. She ordered a grab bag, then you don't know what you get but you seem to get more for your money.

Crochet has had my attention lately. I did end up frogging the jacket and starting over with the smaller size. I'm doing the edges now, I made a mistake and I'll have to do it again. Thankfully it is very quickly done.


Rósa said...

Það er sko alveg hellingur í þessu grab bag dæmi. Ég var samt að telja efnin núna og þau eru 6 en ekki sjö eins og ég sagði á blogginu mínu. En tvö þeirra eru nú nokkuð stór. Svo var nú reyndar aðeins meira í pöntuninni en grab bag :-) Maður freistast alltaf þegar maður fer inn á Silkweaver síðuna...
Ég hef einmitt verið að líta hýru auga til þessara Stash packs. Það eru góð kaup finnst mér.

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